Call for paper

We look forward to receive abstracts on related topics listed below. Prepare your abstract by using the attached template. Compose your abstract in a single paragraph, less then 300 words. Avoid citations, references, tables, figures, pictures or any other graphics in the abstract. Abstract must be submitted in MS word format ONLY.



–  Challenges and Innovations for Underground Construction in Soft Ground



–  Design, analysis, and construction of tunnels and underground space in soft ground

–  Excavation and tunnelling in difficult ground conditions

–  Physical and numerical modelling of deep excavation and tunnels

–  Interaction between underground construction and adjacent structures

–  Monitoring of underground construction

–  Risk management and mitigation

–  Sustainable development of underground space and its application

–  Climate change- and environment-friendly underground development


Abstract Submission Due :   September 16, 2013
Notice of Abstract Acceptance :   September 31, 2013
Full Paper Submission Due :   February 28, 2014
Final Paper Submission Due :   May 3, 2014
* Deadline for abstraction submission has been extended to September 16!